Popping thoughts

Just wondering why women would pay good money to go to Dain Heer’s performances and have him insult them calling them bitches and swearing all the time. What kind of energy does words like those carry and can they be healing words?

Dain Heer is popular on the spiritual channels and claims to have gained freedom with access consciousness but what if he needs more healing? what if those words like bitches etc are aimed at his wife who has left him and he channels her through the women who flock to his shows? What if this man, Dain Heer is still struggling to find himself and doesn’t really know what he is doing? Dain Heer admits that he has overcame Autism, ADHD and Depression and I feel for the guy, he’s grown up in the ghetto and was beaten up and bullied because of the colour of his skin (White) and I hear you brother but what if you tone down a bit and connect with the universe which is a soft loving energy that it puts out there for all to partake of, what if you would try to partake of that Dain and begin to feel the softness and the love, the universal love for all there is? What do those women feel when you refer to them a bitches and use words that generate more of what the world does not need? what if their laughter are nervous sounds of disappointment and what if those words triggered the sentiments of the men they had in their lives before? What if healing cannot take place in an environment other than a loving environment?

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer what comes out of a person is what is inside?  If you squeeze an orange, orange juice is the only thing that can come out of it. What are the hurts, disappointments and regrets you hoard inside of you Dr. Dain, would you uncreate and release it please? Yes? Right and Wrong, good and bad, pod and poc, all nine, boys and beyonds. There you go





Have you ever listened to the rain
in the tropical terrain?
the drip, drap, bupdup bup
that beat into the zinc house top
the rhythmic torrential flow
makes man. beast and grass aglow

I love the sound of the rain
it’s a sound that has no name
It’s just a sound that is found
when raindrops hit the ground
It’s the sound of God walking
or whispers while talking
And sometimes rages through trees
coupled with punishing breeze

Listening to the beat of the rain
sipping a glass of champaygne
being present in the moment
is dwelling with angels, heaven sent
slowly the walls that hold the space
disintegrates with magical grace
the spirit expands, the mind still
and there is a sense of thrill.
(c) BAW 2012

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