Poem – Baldwin

 He was my big brother

Anyone would have  liked to have

I was proud of my brother

Because all the girls liked him

He was the handsomest in the village

Tall, sapodilla brown perfect built

Perfect strong white teeth

Could have had anyone girl wanted

But he chose Thelma

She was his soul mate

Mother did not take to her

Dad thought she was a flirt

They felt she was not the right one

Not for their beloved son

My brother’s heart said she was the one

And so it was

He had a mind of his own

He never disrespected mother

He tried to make her see his woman

Through his eyes

When she couldn’t he took his bundle

Went on his way and wedded his bride

They were to marry twice in one lifetime

They were happy together

Like two birds nestled in the same feathers

They were good friends to the end

Whatever wrongs they did they made amend

God called home my brother

As sudden as he did our mother

At the young age of seventy and one

No time to say goodbye, safe journey

As he hurried to meet his Maker

(c)  2010 BAW

1 Response to Poem – Baldwin

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