You are perfect as you are

“Nothing is lacking in you, you cannot be improved upon. People who try to improve you, are destroying you and they are the real mischief-makers. There are so many improvers in the world, that’s why the world is such a chaos. There are too many people trying to improve you. Don’t allow anybody to improve you! You are already the last word. You’re not only the Alpha, you are the Omega also. You are whole, complete and perfect.

Even if you feel imperfect, that imperfection is perfect. Do not worry about it. It will look strange to others if you say that your imperfection is also perfect, and nothing is lacking in you. Yet, the fact is that you appear imperfect not because you are imperfect but because you are a growing perfection.

We think perfection cannot evolve, because what we mean by perfection is that which has come to its last growth. This definition of perfection is dead. God is perfect because God lacks nothing. God goes on growing from one perfection to another, the growth continues. God is evolution, not moving from imperfection to perfection, but from perfection to more perfection, to still more perfection.” ~Osho  


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