Your job is to find out why you are here

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2 Responses to Your job is to find out why you are here

  1. Albert says:

    “Your job is to find out why you are here” One answer from a former priest. God was bored. He had nothing to do, so he created man to play a game.

  2. Thanks for your response. I think God, the Creator has told us through many Messengers, prophets etc. why we were created but we do not believe and have faith in those words. It’s like me telling my baby do not touch the stove for if you do your fingers will be burned. Does the child ever listen? No, not really, she puts her fingers, it burns her and she never wants to put her fingers to the stove again whether there is fire or not. Similarly in most of the religious texts we have tbeen told our purpose is to know and the love God, that love is all there is. We love, hatred, greed and all the vices are displaced. Maybe God is tired of our doubts in spite of all the miracles we see around us and in many of our lives, we still doubt, so we are allowed to find out for ourselves through the hard way. Of course I do not think God wanted to make puppets, so he gave us free will and so we are on this journey of discovery if what we read in these holy books are true. It’s all about finding out why we are here and I have gone on too long.

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