Good Prayer is like Good Music

Good prayer is like good music — it requires practice to appreciate something so beautiful. Such love and appreciation take time to develop before they turn into habits. Our habits, much more than just outward gestures and motions, become the postures that shape our beings. We gradually turn the mirror of our hearts towards God, the heavenly sun of spiritual illumination, by learning to love prayer and make it a habitual practice. It may require a number of intermediate stages, some consistent attention and a devotion to its daily practice. Consequently, we shouldn’t be discouraged if we or any of our loved ones can’t leap from one side to another in a single bound.

Whether one recites the word of God, communes silently, or improvises one’s own words, prayer empowers the soul with the strength of its own voice, and enables it to call out to its Beloved. Each of these modes or prayer may seem strange at first encounter — but we learn to love the beauty in prayer as we pray



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