A beautiful prayer – I love it

~Steve Farrell  [written for “How Do You Pray” by Celeste Yacoboni]

Dear God (One Presence),

Fill me with Your love, light, peace and understanding.

Fill me full. Permit my heart to beat with Your heart and my lungs to breath with You. Animate me from head to toe with Your love and light.

There are so many who feel alone and unworthy. Touch these people through me.  Express fully through me that they may feel Your Presence. Love through me. Heal through me. Prosper through me.

Let no person, animal or life form go untouched. Express through me Beloved that the whole world may feel the depth and fullness of Your love.

Many are joining together in service. May we see our true Self: beautiful, pure, whole expressions of You and may we be conduits of Your love, peace and healing. May the Earth receive this blessing and may humanity and life on Earth enter the dawn of a new day; a day filled with health, wellbeing, harmony and happiness.





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