Relax …you’ve already arrived!

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Relax…You Have Already Arrived
By Jafree Ozwald

Most people have spent lifetimes seeking, yearning, and hoping for that special “something or someone” to show up before they can relax and be truly happy. There is always that bigger and better something or someone showing up someday, so the desiring machine inside you never becomes satisfied. It is only knows three things…wanting, wanting, and more wanting. If you’ve become wrapped up in a constant state of desiring that better relationship, that bigger bank account, that skinnier body in the future (or whatever the mind is addicted to), you might want to see what you’re really experiencing on the inside and actually manifesting on the outside.

“Outwardness of the mind is suffering…inwardness is happiness.” ~Ramana

The energy of desire is not a bad thing. It just creates a false sensation of lack within. The desire to pay your bills and feed your family might be something that helps you spring out of bed each morning, yet if it has become the main carrot that drives your entire life purpose and mission, it is blinding you from seeing why you are truly here. I invite you to try on something very radical today. Perhaps the most radical experiment you’ll do in your entire life. For one hour, don’t desire anything. Try it! Step away from the desiring mind by calling off the perpetual search addicted to wanting, yearning, and hoping. That special “something or someone” will find you much easier. By putting your attention on what permanently satisfies your soul, you become a magnet for manifesting all of your desires instantly.

“There’s no way to freedom. A ‘way’ means you have to start from somewhere and arrive somewhere. This is the deception of the mind. You don’t have to go anywhere to find freedom. Forget about finding your way, you are already That which you are seeking.” ~Papaji

We are all very deeply conditioned to believe that in order to BE something amazing we have to DO or HAVE something amazing manifest. You don’t have to do anything to be the God Source. You already are that. Rest in the core essence of the Divine Being you already are. You have already arrived. If you stop and take a deeper look inside yourself, into your spiritual essence, you’ll see that the desiring game is a hindrance to actually experiencing the blissful state of pure being. Just notice what that feels like to become more soft and flowerlike. Be relaxed and receptive like a flower and the Universe will shower its love upon on you.

“Know that you are the perfect shining light, which not only makes the existence of God’s kingdom possible, but also allows it to be seen as some wonderful heaven.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

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