A young Iconic Artist passes away

People are attracted to beauty and  Thomas Kinkade, 54,  connected to that and it made him one of the most sought after artists in the America if not the world.  What is it about something beautiful and pleasing that is so attractive and alluring to us.

I was listening to the TV the other day and I heard that there is research showing that people have a higher regard for beautiful people, they are more trusted, they are thought of to be more love and a better person.  A woman wrote that other women are jealous of beautiful women, yet there are others who say that it is the media that defines what beauty is.

I believe that there is an intrinsic beauty that captivates at first glance, it is the first hook then you see of that beauty is also within and if it does not jive then that beauty appears less striking. Am I making sense or just rambling here.

Anyway I think we are hardwired to recognise beauty if a flower, a forest, a lake or in a person and I also think that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  I know if you are reading this you are a beautiful person and I am attracted to you. Great day beautiful people.



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