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The pain of not knowing When there is so much to know The curse of blind darkness In every path you go The stillness of your world With letters unknown The emptiness of a heart Of a man full grown.

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Prairie Sky

Seems like a bigger slice That the rest of the world Stretching endlessly, kissing Distant horizons Hazy with deceptive fog The distance creates   Prairie sky vital As the Pyramids are to Egypt’s landscape Sharpens and livens the flat Spread … Continue reading

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Habit of Surviving

The black woman feels feels deeply pretends she doesn’t care about what people say about society, perception of her about black men who enslave her with his love weightless words unfulfilled promises Black woman feels feel deeply keep a tight … Continue reading

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My imperfect dad

He’s not the perfect dad He’s sometimes happy sometimes sad He snores at the drop of a hat He’s startled easily by a sudden pat But when I cry he takes the time To sit beside me until I feel … Continue reading

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A wall goes up When you mention that word A word I hard But like I’ve never heard It’s a word That takes flight like a bird Flutters in my stomach Makes me squirm like a gas attack Why do … Continue reading

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Harriet Tubman said none of us is free until we all are free well there is still slavery happening as I speak To girls and boys in their peak trafficked as domestic and sex slaves through tunnels and caves to … Continue reading

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A child’s play

Let me play Have fun today Learn in my own way Be happy and gay kiss the sun’s ray dance on the hay   I am she Born to be free to run in the sun With my bare bun … Continue reading

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Our Journey to this Land

They came we gave they took bodies in dank dark ships days in a daze rolled into nights danced in a maze Across the oceans To foreign shoes Shores with doors Door of no return Return no more Doors slammed … Continue reading

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Long thing braids basket weaved cascades down her shoulders slightly curved, rounded her smoth velvety rich black skin contrasted exquisitely with navey blue outfit and tapered with white looked absolutely splendid Her soft rose and full saying kiss me drew … Continue reading

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Some call it clit, slit and other things as well I can’t name them all but this is a subject of discussion when the topic of sex organism and women come up Though women have known this for centuries men … Continue reading

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