Prairie Sky

Seems like a bigger slice

That the rest of the world

Stretching endlessly, kissing

Distant horizons

Hazy with deceptive fog

The distance creates

Prairie sky vital

As the Pyramids are to Egypt’s landscape

Sharpens and liven the flat

Spread of prairie land

Providing changing backgrounds

Lending to the land

Seascapes the prairie lacks

Charging the environment

With new energies in a special way

The meat of conversation

To people of the prairie each day.

Prairie sky, like an old friend

To people of the flat world

Unfolds secrets about the weather

That dodges scientific instruments

Prairie farmers read the sky

Like a newspaper

Scanning its contents for the

Latest in the world of nature.


Restless souls

Whose thoughts overflow

In words and letters

From your laden pens


You sit on the outside

And encapsulate

the going world

with tight chest

by candlelight you sit

and patiently record



The pain of not knowing

When there is so much to know

The curse of blind darkness

In every path you go

The stillness of your world

With letters unknown

The emptiness of a heart

Of a man full-grown.

Nabaclis Morning

It’s  peaceful

It’s beautiful

An early morning in Nabaclis

You can hear

The birds sweetly chanting

Their morning devotions



Aging brings with it

Baggage of youth

We reflect

We forget

We deflect signs

Pretend life did not pass by


The sun will rise

Enrich the green grass and flowers

Children will laugh

And play in branches and bowers

Girl may love boys

Be friends, wives mothers

And lovers

The buds will blossom

In life’s unending



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