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Light and Dark

When the light goes out Are you still about? When it is dark In the park What is there? What is there Is neither there not here Light reveals to the eyes What darkness hides Spirit is the light Death’s … Continue reading

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Remembering Ruthy

She burst into my life Like hibiscus in full bloom She radiated confidence Brilliance Independence Commanding presence A touch of innocence There was some special about Ruthy Earthy Pretty Carefree She lived in the moment With no judgement No lament … Continue reading

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Colourful leaves balmy days Burning bush smokey haze the weather cycles into a new phase the farmers market fills with fresh maize welcome to autumn days The sky becomes more mellow with deeper tints of yellow it’s time of harvest … Continue reading

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Hard to leave

I had a friend once She was no dunce But she couldn’t see For the life of me She was hurting By her boyfriends flirting Pushes,  slaps, and put downs She’d look away smile like clowns   Too much was … Continue reading

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Living in the Flow

Living in the FLow   When you live in the flow You have a glow That shows upon your face That peoplel see as grace   When you live in the flow You come  to know It’s the only way … Continue reading

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Leaving is never easy

The cold brisk wind oozed a tune with the instrument of the rickety eaves trough as rain and snow flurries swished and flopped lifelessly everywhere around us.  The snow hill on the porch roof beneath her window was slowly turning into a … Continue reading

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Prairie Sky Seems like a bigger slice That the rest of the world Stretching endlessly, kissing Distant horizons Hazy with deceptive fog The distance creates Prairie sky vital As the Pyramids are to Egypt’s landscape Sharpens and liven the flat … Continue reading

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Live in success

Life is like a balancing act the interplay between a cat and a mouse a juggling game of choice, decision, action all at once demanding your attention urging you to move in one or the other direction. How do you … Continue reading

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Autumn colours My heart feels fuller. There’s the smell of romance. Like an evening in France Dazed with sweet  warm air Nibbling the side of my ear A hint for lovers everywhere To begin honkering down Old man winters close … Continue reading

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