What are your intentions today – Take a look at The Thought-Destiny Cycle

The process by which we create our own destiny is quite easy to see in theory; however it requires some checking to see how it matches the reality of our practical lives. Here is the process in brief:

As our intentions, so will be our thoughts.

As our thoughts, so will be our feelings.

  • As our feelings, so will be our attitudes.
  • As our attitudes, so will be our actions.
  • As our actions, so will be our habits.
  • As our habits, so will be our personality.

As our personality in all our relationships on our journey through life, so will be our destiny. So watch your thoughts! Be aware of your intentions!

Our intentions are based on our beliefs about who we are, where we are and why we are here. If we believe we are the physical form, our belief will we be that we need to survive as long as possible. This leads to the intention to get what we think we need before others, which leads to competition, which leads to feelings of fear. Our destiny gets shaped accordingly. When you know you are the non-physical and immortal (which is neither created nor can be destroyed) energy, a soul, then survival is no longer an issue and your intention is one to include, connect and co-operate with and enlighten others. The service of others at a spiritual level becomes the highest intention in action. It is fully free from fear and can be seen as an act of love. This is why competition and authentic spirituality can never be found together.

Diamond Rosary

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The journey of life is a rocky terrain, sometimes up and sometimes down and then up again.

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Just be and all else will be

Life does not make decisions.
The universe is not planning itself.
It just unfolds.
Look at this plant.
It is without concern.
It does not say, ‘I think in a few days I will put a new leaf just here to my left.’
The plant is not thinking.
Its life is a spontaneous unfolding.
Like this plant, our lives can unfold in effortless Grace and joy.
Be open to the spontaneous. Trust and you will expand in trust, intuitive wisdom and natural joy.

~ Mooji

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Dont worr be happy

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Beauty is self acceptance

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What are you passionate about?

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Choose kindness over rightness

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Care of the Mind

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